September 27

Where Can I Buy a White Cane for the Blind?

Where to Purchase a Long White Cane

Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Your local center for the blind and visually impaired will be your best resources for purchasing a long white cane. These centers or organizations have professionals that may provide a consultation and/or information about the long cane attributes to consider as well as offer a training plan for learning long cane skills and techniques. 

However if you wish to simply purchase a replacement cane or an additional cane and you are already well versed in the accompanying orientation and mobility long cane training, there are some online retailers that you may purchase from.

Online Retail Options for Assistive Devices

1) The online store for your local center for the blind (or you may call them and be able to purchase over the phone with a credit card)

2) Learning, Sight and Sound Made Easier:

3) Independent Living Aids:


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